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The French Data Protection Bill of 2018

Freshly presented by the French Government, the new French Data Protection Bill makes a number of important changes to the law on privacy in France. In this article we present the new draft legislation that implements the GDPR under French law. […]

20 June 2018|

New Obligations for Online Platforms Targeting French Consumers, Effective January 1, 2018

Comes January 1, 2018, online platforms targeting French consumers will face a whole new set of obligations. Back in September of last year we described in another article on this blog the main measures that resulted from the adoption of the new French Digital Law, also known as “Loi Lemaire”: Amongst these measures, the new French law imposes a series of new obligations upon website operators and websites allowing their users to publish online reviews. Due to the French Presidential elections in May, the governmental decrees that implement these new obligations into French law did not get published in the [...]

24 December 2017|