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The first decisions an entrepreneur, startup or small business make are often the most important ones. Whether you are located in Europe, the U.S., or Canada, we’re here to help you make the right initial decisions for you and your business. From choosing the right entity for your activity to assisting you with your work visa if you wish to relocate to oversee your international development, or to having the right local employment documentation in place to support your staffing needs, we are here to help!


We advise you on the right type of work visa for your needs, and we help you prepare and file your visa application so that your lawful legal presence in your country of destination allows you to focus on supporting your internationalisation in Europe, the U.S., or Canada.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a startup founder, or a small business looking to relocate some of your team to manage your international operations, we can advise and make sure your visa is an opportunity, not a problem.



We are able to assist you from the initial stages of your business idea, through incorporation and business growth, to the final sale of your company.

We advise on the appropriate type of legal entity for your needs, the right state or province in which to incorporate, the right capital structure to adopt based on your business objectives, but also on any professional licenses you may need to apply for to practice in your new country of operation.

Past the initial incorporation stage, we’re also here to help you make the right corporate decisions to support your growth.



Once you’ve settled in your new country of operation, and both your work visa and corporate situation have been taken care of, we can support your local growth and assist you in meeting your staffing needs in Europe, the U.S., and Canada.

We can help you making sure your employment agreements or offer letters with your new employees protect you adequately as an employer under local laws. We can also support you in creating stock plans and other mechanisms to incentivize your employees and associate them to the future of your company.