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atlantech partners besoins IT contrats
  • Expertise in drafting, localization and contract negotiation

  • We secure your long-term contractual relationships from calls for tenders to the performance of contracts

  • Audit, drafting, localization, negotiation of all types of contracts

atlantech partners contrat informatique
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  • Software / applications / IoT development

  • License, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Open Source

  • Application management

  • ERP integration, deployment of solutions

  • Technical assistance, subcontracting, outsourcing

  • Hosting ...

atlantech partners contrat internet
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  • Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, cookies, legal notices

  • E-commerce platforms / websites

  • IT ...

atlantech partners contrats
atlantech partners def.png
  • Sale or Purchase terms and conditions

  • Equipment rental / leasing

  • Distribution…

Internet Contracts

Other Contracts

IT Contracts

  • Internal or outsourced DPO experience

  • Expertise in European and North-American privacy laws

  • We manage your compliance with applicable laws and regulations on both sides of the Atlantic


atlantech partners données personnelles
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  • Subcontracting contracts

  • Audits and roadmaps

  • Registers of processing activities

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments


atlantech partners besoins IT donnéées personnelles
  • Protecting your creations and developments is part of any international development strategy

  • We support you in valuing and securing your company's intangible assets

atlantech partners marques droits auteur
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  • Protection (prior art, registration, etc.) and brand promotion

  • Advice on international branding

  • License agreements, assignments, guarantees, IP infringement indemnification, transfer pricing

  • Support in the event of a dispute

atlantech partners brevets
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  • Priority searches

  • Drafting of patent registration documentation

  • Support in negotiations with patent offices

  • License agreements, transfer of rights

  • Support in the event of disputes

Trademarks & Copyrights

Contact our local ATLANTECH lawyer in the target country, describe your project to them and they will do what is necessary to advise and guide you

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atlantech partners USA
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atlantech partners propriete intellectuelle/industrielle
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