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GDPR – what are the requirements for a Data Protection Officer?

The GDPR makes it mandatory for certain companies that control and process the personal data of EU residents to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). However, even when the GDPR does not impose the appointment of a DPO you may find it useful to designate a DPO on a voluntary basis. When do you have to appoint a DPO? The [...]

12 February 2019|


The French Data Protection Bill of 2018

Freshly presented by the French Government, the new French Data Protection Bill makes a number of important changes to the law on privacy in France. In this article we present the new draft legislation that implements the GDPR under French law. […]

20 June 2018|


The High Court Revisits the Legal Treatment of Software

If you are a software maker and you wish to retain the services of an agent to help you market your software in the UK,  beware! A recent decision by the High Court revisits the legal status of software in England and Wales, and this may not be good news! The question of whether software constitutes goods or services under [...]

4 October 2016|


The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

The California Consumer Privacy Act, which will be voted on in November 2018, is an initiative brought by California consumer privacy advocates who seek to regulate businesses’ data collection practices while providing California residents with more control over how and when their data is collected and used. The initiative coincides with the entry in force of the European GDPR, therefore [...]

19 June 2018|


CASL: An Overview

On July 1, 2014 Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) came into effect in an effort to create a balance between protecting Canadian consumers from spam and fraud while still enabling a competitive business marketplace. Since July 1, 2017, CASL imposes strict consent requirements regarding marketing communications. Who does CASL apply to? CASL applies to businesses or organizations sending Commercial Electronic Emails [...]

13 June 2018|